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[glob2-devel] A Plan for Alpha 23

From: Bradley Arsenault
Subject: [glob2-devel] A Plan for Alpha 23
Date: Fri, 6 Apr 2007 22:30:02 -0400

Since we have this great tester is has quickly surfaced allot of
hidden problems, we should probably make a plan for Alpha 23.

1) It was generally agreed upon that this release it would be
acceptable if we broke reverse compatibility on a large portion in
order to put Glob2 on a more solid game header and file format
2) Thus, I think we should still move ahead with the plans to change
the file format and header system. While the backwards compatibility
bugs will likely get worse, any game saves and maps created post hence
will have much improved backwards compatibility, due to the more
flexible system
3) I've also made a number of checklists, just for myself, to organize
some classes in Glob2, moving code arround. I noted that allot of the
bugs that where pointed out where GameGUI bugs, so I made a list of
the seperate subsystems GameGUI has, and a plan was made a to move
arround code oriented arround these subsystems, probably doubling the
number of functions but readability and ultimitly bug finding will be
made a bit easier.
4) I made similar plans to reorganize Map, Team, TeamStats, Game and else
5) Unit is a bit more difficult and will probably need a
reorganization of the state machine in order to be successfull

Bug squashing is definitly of importance but I want to make sure that
care is taken that the bug fixes are actual fixes and not code hacks
that make it look like it works.
Really. I'm not lieing. Bradley Arsenault.

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