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Re: [glob2-devel] bugfixes

From: Kieran P
Subject: Re: [glob2-devel] bugfixes
Date: Mon, 16 Apr 2007 23:53:07 +1200

>Glob2 development is almost entirely done by Bradley himself.

Yes, I know.

>If he chooses to rewrite major parts of glob2, then major parts of glob2 will be rewritten.  It is no good to stop him.

It is when hes the only one who knows how to fix it. a whole week wondering what causes the repair bug issue, and Bradley finds and fixes in 10 minutes. You cant argue with that.

>We can make someone "Mr. Bugfix", even if this it what glob2 needs right now.

No one knows the code well enough yet. Once the rewrite happens, then people should hopefully be able to see the structure more clearly.

>"Not branching" is very bad for us.

But branching in CVS is even worse. Lets wait till we switch to Mercurial, which I had no issues getting to work on my computer.

It might be good to swap over to Mercurial ASAP (perhaps even within 24 hours ? certainly before alpha23) :P That way we have a better system for branching, merging, and tagging(?).

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