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Re: [glob2-devel] Minimap algorithm

From: Kai Antweiler
Subject: Re: [glob2-devel] Minimap algorithm
Date: Mon, 16 Jul 2007 14:09:35 +0200

Well anyhow I suppose I wasn't much able to think yesturday. I came to
realize today that the system, for every pixel, evaluates all map-positions
represented between that pixel, the one to its right, one below it, and one
down-right. On a normal 128x128 map, this is most often 4 points but can be
9 points occassionally.  If it finds a unit or building, it uses its
assocciatted color. Otherwise, it averages the colors for the
terrain/ressources, giving spots under FOW 3/5 brightness.

Sounds straight forward.

I'm sorry to bother people with questioning.

I don't think that questioning will bother anyone.
Kai Antweiler

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