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[glob2-devel] more issues noticed while testing new version

From: Joe Wells
Subject: [glob2-devel] more issues noticed while testing new version
Date: Thu, 02 Aug 2007 08:19:51 +0100
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Here are some more issues I noticed while testing the new version:

• The new control to turn off the scroll wheel is not what was
  requested, because it completely disables the scroll wheel, even
  when used with modifier keys like “shift”.

  The problem that needs to be solved is that many touch pads are
  configured so that motion near the edge of the touch pad acts like
  scroll wheel motion.  This results in lots of accidental scroll
  wheel motion when using the mouse (which is not a mouse, but
  actually a touch pad) which can mess up the settings of any selected

  To solve this problem, I requested the ability to prevent the
  unmodified scroll wheel from having any effect.  I supplied a patch
  implementing the desired behavior.  The scroll wheel continued to
  work in combination with modifier keys, and the control-scroll-wheel
  combination (or maybe it was alt-scroll-wheel, I don't remember) was
  added that does the same as the unmodified scroll wheel.  It is
  better to allow modified scroll wheel events to continue to work,
  because they do not happen by accident.

  Can things please be changed so that the new control only disables
  _unmodified_ scroll wheel events?

• New bug:  It is very difficult to see the intensity distinctions of
  the fertility map.  A better choice of color and intensities might

• Old problem:  The volume control in settings does not give any hint
  as to which direction indicates louder sound.  It would be better if
  the words “loud” and “quiet” were next to the appropriate ends of
  the control.

• Old problem:  It would be better if one could choose how often
  autosave files were made.  In particular, it would help when testing
  a release to be able to set the autosave interval to a shorter

• Old bug:  It would be better if building/flag status indicator dots
  were drawn on top of flag circles.  Right now, a blue flag circle
  can completely hide indicator dots.  (Yes, following my suggestion
  would require drawing buildings in two phases: one phase before
  flags and another after flags.)

I hope these comments are helpful.


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