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[glob2-devel] External perception of glob2 community

From: Stéphane Magnenat
Subject: [glob2-devel] External perception of glob2 community
Date: Tue, 21 Aug 2007 20:47:57 +0200
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Hi everybody,

Now that I'm less implicated in daily life of glob2, but that I retain a 
strong interest in it and I'm decided to contribute when I have time (on the 
script or other issues), I've a better view of the external perception of 
glob2 community. I think one of the reason why we have so few contributors is 
that this community seems opaque from the outside. Mails are long, lacks 
summary, and often encompass several subject.

To improve the situation, I suggest the followings actions:
- We should clearly state on the wiki what are the status of the different 
branches, what is frozen, etc... (for instance on It is currently difficult 
for occasional contributors to quickly get a clear idea of the situation.
For instance, I've updated the french translation, can I commit to master ?
- We should produce small, regular, "executive summary" of what is happening. 
This could be glob2 mounthy news, a bit à la KDE weekly news.
- We should even welcome and encourage more artists. I've put the blender 
source of the globules here:
We should publicize it and try to get new contributions, for instance for the 

We should think more of glob2 as a game and less as a software, look at 
starcraft 2 buzz, in the end, the core of our engine is probably as good as 
theirs, perhaps event better, yet...

Have a nice day,



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