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Re: [glob2-devel] Start Beta 2 Release Candidate phase?

From: Leo Wandersleb
Subject: Re: [glob2-devel] Start Beta 2 Release Candidate phase?
Date: Fri, 15 Feb 2008 10:15:43 +0100


> the project, I have tracked down and fixed numerous bugs in the networking
> and other systems, and Its very close to a stable, less-crashing release.

It looks more stable in gameplay indeed. Still I guess we didn't get much 
closer to a stability-release :/

> unresponsive at the moment due to connection lag (I've moved allot of the
> management stuff to server end, I'm starting better gui feedback tomorrow
> for beta 2)

can you be more precise on this? moved to the server? i thought the server (or 
meta-server as i call it for not doing much) does only some routing and game 

> And there aren't many of the requested new features, I think
> the
> consensus is to save those to Beta 3.

Fine with me.

> In light of the recent improvements to glob2 networking, I think that we
> should enter release candidate stage, so we can squeeze out any remaining
> crashes and bugs, release Beta 2, and then start doing new features for
> Beta
> 3.

Agree. My concerns before releasing are
- all reported crash bugs
- lack of lan (?)
- lack of autosavegame (?)
- Kieran and I experienced strange minimaps yesterday. All black with a single 
green spot. very unconvinient on our 512x64 map.

> If we start release candidate, I'll merge in my network changes to
> default.

Feature freeze is fine with me. Lets get this thing stable now.
All do features in branches that we merge after releasing beta2.

Leo Wandersleb

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