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[glob2-devel] Release Candidate: Globulation 2 Beta 2 RC

From: Kieran P
Subject: [glob2-devel] Release Candidate: Globulation 2 Beta 2 RC
Date: Wed, 20 Feb 2008 13:31:01 +1300

Hey Everyone,

The final changes to Beta 2 were made, and the YOG server has been updated for use, so I'm happy to announce the first (and hopefully only) release candidate of the Beta 2 branch before its final release on what I (and other users) hope will be before this coming weekend.

We need people to test the many changes made to this release, particularly in YOG and LAN gaming.

For Linux users, download the source here:

For Windows users, download the executable here:

If you find a bug, please post them at:
and include a bt from gdb please (if you're using Linux).

For packagers (debian/mac/other), please test making a package, before release day, so we don't have to worry about fixing all these bugs in the last minute.

For everyone else, have fun playing Globulation 2. Feel free to post your suggestions on the mailing list, bug tracker, or wiki wishlist.

Have a nice day.

P.S: This email was sent to both the Announcements and Development mailing lists, so you may have received it twice.
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