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[glob2-devel] Beta 3 soft released

From: Kieran P
Subject: [glob2-devel] Beta 3 soft released
Date: Thu, 24 Apr 2008 17:23:53 +1200

Hey everyone,

After talks with Giszmo earlier, arranged game messages have been disabled, and the source/windows packages made and released.

With one different approach from Beta 2. We're doing a soft release. We don't advertise anything outside of the Globulation 2 area (this ML and the wiki). So any major bugs found (although probably non existant after all that test gaming), by a few new people coming to the site, can be fixed before advertising to the 1000's of other people (what should have happened with the tarball last time and the missing sound >.< (which btw, should be in there (I checked before uploading)).

If after one more week we don't get too many bug reports, I'll go ahead and update all our trackbacks (savannah, sourceforge, freshmeat, wikipedias etc).

It will also give us time to make the mac (AppleBoy, stop playing Eve :P ) and linux packages. If no bugs are found, then those packages will be ready when we make the release permanent, say Friday next week.

So I've updated our wiki download, old releases, changelog, and old changelog pages (as per normal). Check out

for more information.

If anyone has comments, or complaints, please post here.

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