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Re: [glob2-devel] Globulation Lore v1.0

From: Federico P
Subject: Re: [glob2-devel] Globulation Lore v1.0
Date: Sun, 25 Jan 2009 15:42:55 +0100
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On Saturday 24 January 2009 13:19:48 Stéphane Magnenat wrote:

> About the emergent/complex-system-ish theories, my view is the following:
> You can perfectly have the implementation of the reasoning distributed over
> the individual physical agents but a unique hive mind abstraction. In the
> end, until proven otherwise, that seems to be the way that our brains work.
> This has the additional goodies to allow scenarios where the hive mind is
> splitted at some point but re-united afterwards.

ha! This comes from starcraft Brood War campaign! ^^
But we don't have a building like the OverMind which designate the mind 
abstraction, and couldn't create such campaign unless changing a lot the whole 

Actually an overmind is exactly a refuse to consider emergency... human's mind 
doesn't have control of our synapse or anything but highlevel functionality. 
Did you ever try to control every muscle while walking? After 3 steps you will 
give up or fall to ground ^^
Same with the thing called hypnosis: you drive your car better and easier as 
far you don't have consious thought and your thinking is more similar to the 
sleep "links". Did you ever try to drive car while solving hard math question, 
or drive watching every single thing near the road?
Hypnotic state is a natural functionality to let your body-brain machine 
working as best it can, without conscious interference.


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