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Re: [discuss] Re: [Evolution] OO - GROUPWARE - Call for concluison- wa

From: Shane Landrum
Subject: Re: [discuss] Re: [Evolution] OO - GROUPWARE - Call for concluison- was: OpenOffice: Say it isn't so.
Date: 06 Feb 2001 21:49:07 -0500

On 06 Feb 2001 23:41:29 +0000, Sander Vesik wrote:
> On Mon, 5 Feb 2001, Dan Kuykendall wrote:
> > 
> > This is where a backend that is completely separated from the GUI's will
> > benefit everyone.
> > BTW, my XML-RPC/SOAP implementation will take into account vCard and the
> > iCalendar standards. I personally don't think a whole lot of iTIP since
> > I have yet to see a single iTIP daemon. Also as a stand alone daemon it
> > seems far too limited. You would end up talking to IMAP for email, iTIP
> > for calendar/todo, maybe some kind of vCard daemon for contacts... I
> > think it MUCH easier for everyone if the XML-RPC/SOAP services deal with
> > the data and leave the client side to giving the user a rich and useful
> > tool.
> But you are probably biased for doing it with SOAP 8-)

Just tossing another 2 cents in here---

There's a project in the Perl community that's working now on creating
an open iCalendar./iTIP shared calendar server. It's called Reefknot
(, and we're currently in the planning
stages--- our current project is to revise the Net::ICal module to the
point where it's feature-complete and usable by average Perl coders.
We'd love to have contact with other project teams to learn what you're
doing and how you're solving problems related to shared calendaring.
And, of course, new developers are always welcome. Please email me if
there are any questions I can answer about our goals. 


Shane Landrum -- srl AT localjoe DITTO org

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