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[Gluster-devel] Procedures to decommision a brick?

From: DeeDee Park
Subject: [Gluster-devel] Procedures to decommision a brick?
Date: Sat, 28 Jul 2007 09:04:29 +0000

If I am not using AFR, and I've decided to no longer use a server brick.
I will loose those files that are in that server brick. With the new namespace
architecture, what is the proper way to remove the brick from service
and migrate the files to other existing bricks?

If I remove the brick from the client config, the files are still listed in the namespace brick, but are no longer accessible. I assume I'll have some problems if I just copy over from the old brick back into the client since those file suposedly exist according
to the namespace brick. -- or is that the right thing to do?

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