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[Gluster-devel] another mailstore glusterfs issue

From: Jeff Humes
Subject: [Gluster-devel] another mailstore glusterfs issue
Date: Sun, 18 Nov 2007 20:37:32 -0600
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I upgraded my dovecot imap server so that I could use the "disable_mmap=yes" option because I was seeing errors trying to write to .index and some other mmap'ed files in a glusterfs mounted mailstore. Those errors are not showing up anymore, but I am now seeing some other (harder to troubleshoot) errors:

the mail client will get an email and click on it, and it will show no content in the message. I look at the imap server log and see the following error: dovecot: Nov 18 20:16:56 Error: IMAP(address@hidden <mailto:address@hidden>): Maildir: Symlink destination doesn't exist: /opt/GFS/postfix/vmail/address@hidden <mailto:address@hidden>.org/cur/1195435820.V13Iaad099.asknmapr01:2,S

So I do an "ls -l" on that file:
# ls -l /opt/GFS/postfix/vmail/address@hidden <mailto:address@hidden>/cur/1195435820.V13Iaad099.asknmapr01:2,S ls: /opt/GFS/postfix/vmail/address@hidden <mailto:address@hidden>/cur/1195435820.V13Iaad099.asknmapr01:2,S: No such file or directory -rw------- 1 vmail vmail 9247 Nov 18 19:30 /opt/GFS/postfix/vmail/address@hidden <mailto:address@hidden>/cur/1195435820.V13Iaad099.asknmapr01:2,S

first it says "No such file or directory", then it lists it out.
If I try to touch the file, it fails with no such file. If I try to remove the file it fails in the same manner.

Here is my client mountpoint:
glusterfs on /opt/GFS/postfix type fuse (rw,nosuid,nodev,allow_other,default_permissions,max_read=1048576)

So now I login to the glusterfs server:
I can do an successful "ls -l" on that same file above:
# ls -l /glusterfs/knworksmail/vmail/address@hidden <mailto:address@hidden>/cur/1195435820.V13Iaad099.asknmapr01:2,S -rw------- 1 15002 15002 9247 Nov 18 19:30 /glusterfs/knworksmail/vmail/address@hidden <mailto:address@hidden>/cur/1195435820.V13Iaad099.asknmapr01:2,S

Here on the server I can move the file around:
mv /glusterfs/knworksmail/vmail/address@hidden <mailto:address@hidden>/cur/1195435820.V13Iaad099.asknmapr01:2,S /var/tmp
- works -

Now if I move the file back into place, the mail client can then see it like it should have been able to in the first place: mv /var/tmp/1195435820.V13Iaad099.asknmapr01:2,S /glusterfs/knworksmail/vmail/address@hidden <mailto:address@hidden>/cur/
- client now sees it and the content -

This happens seemingly randomly to mail. this did not happen before the upgrade, and does not occur if I move the mailstore to local ext3 disk.

Any Ideas? do I need to provide more information?

-Jeff Humes

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