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[Gluster-devel] Issue after upgrading from 1.3.8 to 2.0.1

From: Matthias Saou
Subject: [Gluster-devel] Issue after upgrading from 1.3.8 to 2.0.1
Date: Wed, 27 May 2009 10:48:20 +0200


I've attached the relevant section of a client log after noticing load
problems due to the glusterfs process after an upgrade from 1.3.8 to

The first warning about ulimit -n is due to the selinux policy not
allowing it by default (selinux is enforcing and will stay that way).

This denial has also been seen on the server, could it be related to
the issue?

avc: denied  { mmap_zero } for  pid=3155 comm="glusterfs2" 
tcontext=system_u:system_r:mount_t:s0 tclass=memprotect

Any help would be appreciated.


Clean custom Red Hat Linux rpm packages :
Fedora release 10 (Cambridge) - Linux kernel Load : 0.16 0.16 0.13

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