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Re: [Gluster-devel] python version

From: Kaleb S. KEITHLEY
Subject: Re: [Gluster-devel] python version
Date: Mon, 14 May 2012 10:31:32 -0400
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On 05/14/2012 10:23 AM, Emmanuel Dreyfus wrote:
On Mon, May 14, 2012 at 10:17:12AM -0400, Kaleb S. KEITHLEY wrote:
The aclocal.m4 file is produced when (/usr/bin/)aclocal is invoked
by ./ file in preparation for building gluster. (You have
to run to produce the ./configure file.)

Right, then my plan will not work, and the only way to fix the problem
is to upgrade automake on the machine that produces the glusterfs

As a side note, I sampled a few currently shipping systems and see
that the automake shipped with/for Fedora 16 and 17, FreeBSD 8.2 and
8.3, and NetBSD 5.1.2, is automake-1.11, which has all the
appearances of supporting python 2.5 (and 3.0).

You seem to take for granted that people building a glusterfs
release will run autotools before running configure. This is not
the way it should work: a released tarball should contain a
configure script that works anywhere. The tarballs released up to
at least 3.3.0qa40 have a configure script that cannot detect python>  2.4

I looked at what I get when I checkout the source from the git repo and what I have to do to build from a freshly checked out source tree.

And yes, we need to upgrade the build machines were we package the release tarballs. Right now is not a good time to do that.



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