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[gmediaserver-devel] GMediaServer 0.11.0

From: Oskar Liljeblad
Subject: [gmediaserver-devel] GMediaServer 0.11.0
Date: Sat, 8 Apr 2006 12:25:30 +0200
User-agent: Mutt/1.5.11+cvs20060126

GMediaServer 0.11.0 was released today. Get it from

>From the NEWS:

2006-04-08: GMediaServer 0.11.0 released.
  Search fixes:
    Return proper search capabilities (""->"*") (patch from Randy Scott).
    Correct UPnP return value if search criteria wrong (709->708).
    Memory leak: Free search criteria memory after Search (Randy Scott).
  New supported devices:
    Pinnacle ShowCenter 200 (from Michael Seewald).
    Philips Streamium SLA5520 (from Bart Küpers).
  Check for libupnp using pkg-config first (supported by libupnp 1.3.0
  and later).
  Implement sorting for Browse and Search actions (Randy Scott).
  Support track numbers in output (patch from Randy Scott).
  Improve and add more output during scanning phase.
  Add support for FIFO and device files (requested by António Madureira).
  Fix `make install' bug: include mkinstalldirs (reported by Richard
  Fix `memory exhausted' error on 64-bit platforms (report and fix from
  The GMediaServer device UDN is now generated using libuuid from
  e2fsprogs (reported by Arthur Taylor).
  libuuid (from E2fsprogs 1.38+1.39-WIP-2005.12.31) is included in the
  source code package.
  Fix configure bug: Compile even without TagLib.
  Mention compatibility with Terratec Noxon (from Michael Seewald).
  Add support for identifying Ogg Vorbis audio.
  Reformat and reorganize documentation. Get rid of trade marks per GNU
  Coding Standards.
  Mention that GMediaServer is in Debian.
  Added support for reading and displaying duration (from TagLib) (patch
  from Randy Scott).
  Detect recursive file scanning (playlists and directories) by
  remembering and comparing inode values.
  The complete manual is now on the web (missing files reported by
  Matthew Underwood).
  Improve playlist handling:
    Fix file identification bug (any file would be treated as a m3u play
    Source code has now been imported to CVS on Savannah!
    Convert backslash to slash in file names.
    Check file names before continuing scan (deny absolute paths or parent
    paths). Note that symlinks can still be used to allow scanning outside
    the given directories.
    Warn about and ignore empty lines in playlists (would cause endless
  Revised character set handling:
    Tags identified with id3lib are now handled correctly as either
    ISO 8859-1 or UTF-16 (bug reported by Michael Seewald).
    Tags identified with TagLib are now properly handled as UTF-8.
    Load tags with TagLib first, then id3lib. TagLib has a cleaner
    C interface and seems to be better maintained.
    Rename --in-charset option to --fs-charset, specifying character
    set used for local file system only.
    Tags are stored as UTF-8 internally, and player devices are
    assumed to handle UTF-8 by default. If not, override with
    the --device-charset option.
    Most strings are handled as UTF-8 internally.
    Character encoding for messages printed to standard out and to log
    file can be specified with --log-charset.



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