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[Gnash-dev] GC: status report & call for test

From: strk
Subject: [Gnash-dev] GC: status report & call for test
Date: Tue, 3 Jul 2007 00:57:53 +0200

In current HEAD, the Gnash garbage collector is enabled by default.

The collector will only take care of as_object instances, while other
previously ref-counted objects (character_def, font, bitmap_info, ...)
remain ref-counted, not suffering from the circular dependency problem.

The collector is invoked at FPS rate, but will not do anything unless
10 new collectible resources have been registered since last run.
This quick and dirty heuristic resulted in a comparable speed between
the GC and RC model for the CreativeCommon movie.

The next step would be broader testing.

We want to test:

        - Find memory corruptions due to the GC
          (if you disable the GC and the segfault/assertion failure is still 
there it's not GC-related)

        - Try out your known-to-be-leaky movies to see how the
          GC copes with them.

Next steps would be:

        - Leak analisys (ie: any leak left to plug?)

        - Cleanup the code by removing the no-more needed resource marking 
          implemented when character_def and fonts and other then as_object 
classes were
          also garbage-collected (this might slighly improve performances, as 
those marker
          are still called, altought mostly inlined no-ops)

        - Discuss introduction of a  smart pointer type for storing collectible 
          (we currently use intrusive_ptr with no-op add_ref/release functions)

Stay tuned on for more info.


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