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[Gnash-dev] new configuration for gui/renderers

From: strk
Subject: [Gnash-dev] new configuration for gui/renderers
Date: Mon, 23 Jul 2007 18:31:58 +0200

I'm trying to understand the new configuration for gui and renderers.
What we'd want is:

  1) Find out which gui and renderers the user would want (defaulting to ALL).
     User could change default using --enable-gui=list --enable-renderer=list

  2) Find out which of the requested gui/renderers is possible to build.
     In this phase we'd drop any gui and renderer which can not be built due
     to unmet dependency. In case the user specified any value explicitly 
     (--enable-gui, --enable-renderer) then any drop should ABORT configuration;
     if user didn't specify anything (we were using the default of attempting 
     then drops would not be blocker.

  3) Report state and setup variables needed for the Makefile and config.h:
     - Print which gui and which renderers are going to be built
     - Provide Makefile conditionals (BUILD_GUI_xx, BUILD_RENDERER_xx)
       I'd use BUILD_ rather then HAVE_ because the user might actually *have*
       dependencies for a specific GUI but not want to build it.
     - Provide Makefile variables for linking (RENDERER_LIBS, GUI_LIBS)
     - Provide config.h defines (USE_RENDERER_XXX, USE_GUI_XXX)

Please review the above and suggest any improvement / ask questions.
It is important to have a common view of it.

A problem we still have (since a long time) is inconsistency of the variable
names (see config.h for GUI settings).

A new problem introduced by latest multi-gui-renderer-libs building is that
Makefile conditionals don't match config.h defines. In particular, for
a  vanilla configuration, RENDERER_AGG is defined in config.h, but 
conditional is not set (and consequentely RENDERER_LIBS don't contain the agg
lib); see bug


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