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Re: [Gnash-dev] gnash performance-improved issue

From: Aix
Subject: Re: [Gnash-dev] gnash performance-improved issue
Date: Sat, 11 Apr 2009 16:00:08 +0800
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Hi strk,

During these days, I try to use the same way( to test Gnash 0.8.5 performance on x86 desktop. You can look the result as below.

* gnash+cairo configuration:
./configure --enable-gui=gtk --enable-renderer=cairo --enable-media=gst --enable-cairo --enable-gstreamer --enable-plugins --enable-npapi --with-gstreamer-incl=/usr/include/gstreamer-0.10/ --with-gstreamer-lib=/usr/lib

* gnash+agg configuration:
./configure --enable-gui=gtk --enable-renderer=agg --enable-media=gst --enable-agg --enable-gstreamer --enable-plugins --enable-npapi --with-gstreamer-incl=/usr/include/gstreamer-0.10/ --with-gstreamer-lib=/usr/lib

* testing computer: Intel(R) Core(TM)2 CPU          6320  @ 1.86GHz

* below table is detail information of my testing swf file.
movie name swf version width height frame rate frames count zlib compressed shaped size morph size fonts size actions size pictures size sounds size video size other size Orginal file size
duck.swf SWFv4 550 px 400 px 12.05 fps 760 no 131.71kb(44.3%) 0b(0.0%) 0b(0.0%) 2b(0.0%) 0b(0.0%) 126.27kb(42.5%) 0b(0.0%) 39.14kb(13.2%) 297.13 kb
idol.swf SWFv4 544 px 408 px 8.03 fps 587 no 108.38kb(18.2%) 0b(0.0%) 11.88kb(2.0%) 23b(0.0%) 108.87kb(18.3%) 215.34kb(36.2%) 0b(0.0%) 150.75kb(25.3%) 595.25 kb
mash.swf SWFv4 550 px 400 px 12.05 fps 994 no 1.18mb(86.6%) 0b(0.0%) 6.63kb(0.5%) 2b(0.0%) 39.16kb(2.8%) 107.60kb(7.7%) 0b(0.0%) 33.03kb(2.4%) 1.36Mb
2943.swf SWFv5 500 px 300 px 12.05 fps 522 no 69.79kb(6.5%) 78b(0.0%) 4.13kb(0.4%) 673b(0.1%) 324.33kb(30.1%) 652.28kb(60.5%) 0b(0.0%) 26.42kb(2.5%) 1.05Mb
redpoint.swf SWFv5 640 px 480 px 12.05 fps 913 no 14.49kb(7.1%) 26.37kb(12.9%) 0b(0.0%) 22b(0.0%) 0b(0.0%) 131.37kb(64.2%) 0b(0.0%) 32.31kb(15.8%) 2.4.56 kb
1643.swf SWFv5 550 px 412 px 20.08 fps 4105 no 146.47kb(10.3%) 3.46kb(0.2%) 53.51kb(3.8%) 118b(0.0%) 31.07kb(2.2%) 882.78kb(61.9%) 0b(0.0%) 307.83kb(21.6%) 1.39Mb
1717.swf SWFv5 720 px 576 px 25.10 fps 3333 no 361.18kb(35%) 8.04kb(0.8%) 3.45kb(0.3%) 135b(0.0%) 246.01kb(23.9%) 271.64kb(26.4%) 0b(0.0%) 140.34kb(13.6%) 1.01Mb

* below table is my test result.
movie name movie length cairo agg
cpu usage system time user time real time delay cpu usage system time user time real time delay
duck.swf 01:03 21% 0.39 15.2 01:12 00:09 10% 0.89 6.64 01:12 00:09
idol.swf 01:13 27% 0.46 20.71 01:16 00:03 19% 0.84 14.4 01:16 00:03
mash.swf 01:23 43% 1.42 38.47 01:32 00:09 34% 14.01 17.48 01:32 00:09
2943.swf 00:43 26% 0.32 12.74 00:49 00:06 14% 0.76 6.56 00:49 00:06
redpoint.swf 01:16 6% 0.31 5.41 01:25 00:09 3% 0.73 2.58 01:24 00:08
1643.swf 03:24 66% 2.7 203.54 05:10 01:46 44% 13.02 99.31 04:11 00:47
1717.swf 02:13 21% 0.76 35.01 02:47 00:34 39% 14.62 50.73 02:45 00:32
ps: delay = real time - movie length

I just want to use software to do the render, I don't have the hardware acceleration.
In gnash homepage, we can see Gnash could support most SWFv7. So, in this time, I only test SWFv4 and SWFv5, these file version is lower than SWFv7. But, after check the result, the latest gnash still exist some delay for playing SWFv5.
Do you have any idea to improve them? I want to try to improve it.

I don't know what difference between different swf version(SWFv4, SWFv5, SWFv6, ....SWFv8). But in my test, I found when gnash play the higher swf version file it has much delay time. If I want to know more details, where to get the spec.? (Is this spec?)  Do I need to study the spec.?

Before I also ask you about skia render issue. You give a page ( After reading this page, I also don't know skia performance compare with Cairo and Agg. Does bjacques try to integrate skia to the gnash? If not, can you help to estimate the effort? (2 months/ per person)

I wonder try to improve gnash performance, but I don't have any idea to do this work now. If I want to do it by myself(only one), what something and effort can I do?

Best regards,

strk 提到:
On Tue, Apr 07, 2009 at 09:37:13PM +0800, Aix wrote:
Hi strk,

Can I ask you a question?
Do you know any benchmark tool to test swf player performance? I found a 
page,, it only used script to test the time. 
I can do it by myself.
I want to compare adobe flash, gnash and swfdec performance, I want to 
get more accurate number. I don't know what factor affect swf player 
performance, only render?
Have you been to compare them before?

Using AS to profile lets you compare all players.
For free-software specific profiling you may use oprofile or gprof.
Rendering i usually the bottleneck, but could also be something else...


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