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[Gnash-dev] compiling aos4 objects

From: Andrea Palmatè
Subject: [Gnash-dev] compiling aos4 objects
Date: Fri, 8 May 2009 00:53:30 +0200


i was trying to compile aos4 objects and i've used the --enable- gui=aos4 option. indeed these are my results from configure file:

Intel 810 LOD bias hack disabled (default). Use --enable-i810- lod-bias to enable.
        POSIX Threads support enabled (default)
DMalloc support disabled (default). Use --enable-dmalloc to enable.
        NPAPI plugin disabled.
        KPARTS 3.x plugin disabled.
        KPARTS 4.x plugin disabled.
        GNOME help disabled (default). Use --enable-ghelp to enable.
        Building Cygnal media server disabled.
        Building the Flash debugger is disabled.
        Top level for cross compiling support files is:
        Enabling security features:  localconnection
        Enabling statistics collecting for:  cache
        GUI toolkits supported: aos4
        Renderers supported: agg
        Media handler: ffmpeg
        Using SDL for sound handling
        Using sysv mode for shared memory

but when the program enter the last dir (gui) no files are processed even if they are present, so it is possible that some other thing are miss to compile that objects
Do you know what?


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