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Re: [Gnash] Block locations

From: Rob Savoye
Subject: Re: [Gnash] Block locations
Date: Mon, 13 Feb 2006 07:44:48 -0700
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strk wrote:
I agree and have already suggested this.
Not too early to think about it as we'd probably
need a generic interface for network data loading.

It wouldn't be hard to have a user maintained "blacklist" of sites that shouldn't be accessed through the network interface. I do like the idea, and I do agree Adblock works fine, but this would be really easy to add as a feature. I have just written some generic networking code for Gnash, which is where this would go.

I'd actually like to improve the general security of what a movie can load over a network as I see this as a big flaw.

        - rob -

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