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[Gnash] Build gnash in embedded linux!!

From: gharbi taoufik
Subject: [Gnash] Build gnash in embedded linux!!
Date: Fri, 17 Feb 2006 13:33:15 +0100 (CET)

Hi Rob, and Gnash's community:
I want to build gnash in the following environment:
CPU Ti OMAP 1710 @ 206 MHz from Texas instruments with ARM9 core
and 32 MB Ram
based on 2.4.20 kernel Linux (Montavista Distribution)
the command "uname -a" displays the following output:
Linux wh_atw10r77 2.4.20_mvlcee31-omap161x_gsm_gprs #1 Fri Nov 4 14:58:23 CET 20
05 armv5EJl unknown
So now my questions:
1- Is this (building gnash) in general possible? or I' m dreaming too much :-)
2- What is about the required libs (OpenGL, SDL, SDL_mixer, JPEG and so on)?
I mean what should i consider while building the libs, or is there any advices based on experiences regarding also libs building.
3- Until now I've build with success (I think and i hope) the following libs for the environment mentioned above in a normal linux environment utilizing cross compiler and overwriting the enviroment's variables: SDL1.2.9, libmikmod, SDL_mixer, libJPEG, OGG vorbis,
but I couldn't build Opengl, so which version of opengl should i take? or is there any embedded  free version of Opengl? Is opengl necessary at all?
Enough questions at the moment.
Thanks in advance

Rob Savoye <address@hidden> schrieb:
gharbi taoufik wrote:

> Is that possible to build gnash without Opengl?
> If Yes, so please could you show me how to do it, because I have used

Currently Gnash uses OpenGL for the display. Eventually we'd like to
write framebuffer support, but for now, OpenGL is required. On GNU/Linux
systems, libMESA is used, which is a free OpenGL implementation.

- rob -

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