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[Gnash] Flash 5 video created by camtasia

From: Jeff Shanab
Subject: [Gnash] Flash 5 video created by camtasia
Date: Tue, 11 Apr 2006 18:33:25 -0700
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I am trying to watch a lecture caught in the windows environment using
camtasia and exported to a swf file that internally looks like version 5.

It has MP3 and so is dead silent, but I was able to extract the mp3 out
with swftools and verify this, I know we are waiting on MP3 support.

When I start the playback, the machine goes to 100% CPU for 30 seconds
(I see lots of FIXME tagtype =  19 in a -vp log)
finally a screen shows but the colors are all off,  like a really off
pallete makeing moire lines all over the place.

I tried changeing the color bit patter but it had no effect. And all the
sample flash video's I tried looked fine.
There is no delay with the sample files either.

Is there something special about flash exported from Camtasia?

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