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[Gnash] gnash on aurora linux

From: David Moore
Subject: [Gnash] gnash on aurora linux
Date: Mon, 22 May 2006 14:54:29 +0100

Hi guys,
 I'm trying my hardest to get a flash player for my home system but being as it is a solaris box runing a hacked redhat operating system there are no off the shelf flash players.  I have sucessfully built GPL flash but that was flakey as my dads scalp, I also managed to build GNASH however, nothing works in gnash everything i get is a blank page do you have any ideas?  My system is 
Sun Ultra Sparc 11i
440mhz cpu
256 meg ram
aroralinux 2.0 (port of fedora core 3)
Please can you help?
David Moore
Operations Supervisor
Exxcom Ltd
01462 818609

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