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[Gnash] "couldn't open cache file"

From: Matt Philmon
Subject: [Gnash] "couldn't open cache file"
Date: Wed, 16 Aug 2006 02:39:52 -0400

Running various swf's using the gnash player (not the plugin) I've started using the verbose setting to see why I often see something but an empty window... Currently this is what I see for ALL the "moves.all" and various other SWF's under the testsuite directories from CVS:

gnash -v vnc2swf.swf
02:35:13: Verbose output turned on
02:35:13: OpenGL extension version - 1.2
02:35:13: Got double-buffered visual.
02:35:13: Created top level window
02:35:13: Waiting for frame 1 to be loaded
02:35:13: Condition reached (m_loading_frame=1)
02:35:13: note: couldn't open cache file 'file:///home/mattisking/cvs/gnash/testsuite/movies.all/vnc2swf.swf.gsc '
02:35:13: Waiting for frame 12 to be loaded
02:35:13: Condition reached (m_loading_frame=12)
02:35:13: Waiting for frame 73 to be loaded
02:35:13: Condition reached (m_loading_frame=73)
02:35:14: Waiting for frame 152 to be loaded
02:35:14: Condition reached (m_loading_frame=152)

What's going on there? I'm running on Ubuntu Edgy, built from CVS like so:
./ && ./configure --prefix=/usr --enable-sound=gst --disable-plugin --enable-testing --enable-mp3 && make && sudo make install


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