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[Gnewsense-dev] gNewSense Lemote Yeeloong 2.6.30 linux - please test thi

From: Danny Clark
Subject: [Gnewsense-dev] gNewSense Lemote Yeeloong 2.6.30 linux - please test this build
Date: Tue, 07 Jul 2009 11:18:09 -0400
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Hongbing Hu wrote:
> Danny Clark 写道:
>> Is there a patch to ec_modules to get it to compile against 2.6.30? I'm
>> getting a build error that looks like it is related to a change between
>> 2.6.27 and 2.6.30:
> Yes,the struct proc_dir_entry have been changed.
> the new version deletes the member named "owner".
> try to delete the "bat_proc_entry->owner = THIS_MODULE",i think, it will
> be ok!

Seems to work, although had to remove that line in a few files:

The 2.6.30 linux for gnewsense is up now; I'm trying to get people to
test, and am personally running a massive compile on it now (compile of
cross-compile toolchain for SH2, to compile the GPLed firmware for a
atheros ar9170 based USB 802.11n adapter - I'll post about that if it
starts working - ).

Install instructions are up on:

Note that this test build is not deblobbed (not linux-libre), so
practice diligence in what USB devices you use :) - I will build a
deblobbed version after some testing of this linux by myself and others.

Also not sure if I've posted about this before, but currently the best
wifi performance I've seen on the yeeloong has come from this, which rms
is carrying with him:

Alfa 500mW USB Wireless-G Adapter w/ threaded RP-SMA Jack & Antenna AWUS036H

There is a printk statement you need to comment out in the source so it
doesn't spam the consoles (which is where rms usually works):

I'm hoping this build will not have the rare but noticeable (rms is
seeing around once every 1-3 weeks) linux 2.6.27-STD hard lockup that
seems to be somewhat correlated with large amounts of (perhaps USB
flash) I/O.

Daniel JB Clark   | Sys Admin, Free Software Foundation |

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