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[Gnewsense-dev] [ANNOUNCE] linux-loongson-

From: Wu Zhangjin
Subject: [Gnewsense-dev] [ANNOUNCE] linux-loongson-
Date: Thu, 10 Sep 2009 22:55:00 +0800

Hi all,

Perhaps you are looking forward to linux-loongson-2.6.31, I'm sorry, it
is only in progress, However, linux-loongson- have arrived with
some new features, some of them are attractive, you are recommended to
try it:

git:// linux-loongson/2.6.30/stable


and here is a binary version from Heihaier:

Let's have a look at the features:

   - update to the official linux-mips-

   - add Lemote NAS machine support (Cheng Renquan <address@hidden>)

   - update kernel config files for fuloong2f and yeeloong2f
     (Liu Shiwei <address@hidden>)

   - RE-enable -mfix-ls2f-kernel option for loongson2f
     (need binutils with relative patch from

   - about YeeLoong Netbook support

        - add standard hwmon interfaces for YeeLoong
         (you can use standard lm-sensors+sensors-applet to monitor the
RPM of fan and the temperature of the processor)

        - add hotkey support for YeeLoong laptop
         (almost all hotkey[Fn+F1~5,Fn+ESC,Fn+Up/Dlown,Fn+left/right] are
provided as the standard input keys, so, you are safe to remove the old
fnkey if you are using the standard gnome or kde desktop with HAL/DBUS

        - add the backlight device as the cooling device for yeeloong2f
         (not found the advantage yet :-))

        - move platform parts to /sys/devices/platform/yeeloong_laptop
         (you can get all yeeloong specific parts there)

        - move yeeloong specific PM/STR support to its platform driver
         (make it more maintainable)

        - provide standard video output support for yeeloong2f
         (control CRT/LCD VO via /sys/class/video_output, and Fn+F3,Fn+F2,CRT
plugin/out function normally)

        - r8187b wifi driver: add rfkill support
         (so Fn+F5 will function normally, and a new
interface /sys/class/rfkill/ are provided to control the RF, but seems
need hald >= 12 and NetworkManager>=0.7.1)

        - add <linux/module.h> to cs5536_i2c.c for EXPORT_SYMBOL
         (Zhang Le <address@hidden>)

        - fix the sync problem of brightness tuning between EC and OS
         (Reported by Heihaier<address@hidden>)

Thanks goes to all folks! and let's looking forward to the coming
linux-loongson-2.6.31 around the end of this month, I plan to append the
following loongson-specific parts in:

  - a new SM712 driver with suspend/resume support(from Silicon Motion
  - Merge the standard battery support(from Hu Hongbing, Lemote)
  - add new EC/PMON reading/writing support with flashrom
  - add checksum to the zboot(compressed kernel boot) support
  - Replace EC module by drivers/platform/loongson/yeeloong_laptop.c

        Wu Zhangjin

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