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XO-1.75 OpenEC code location and other interesting information (was: Re:

From: Daniel Clark
Subject: XO-1.75 OpenEC code location and other interesting information (was: Re: [Gnewsense-dev] OpenEC on OLPC XO 1.75)
Date: Wed, 27 Oct 2010 10:10:05 -0400

On Fri, Jul 9, 2010 at 4:17 AM, Karl Goetz <address@hidden> wrote:
On Thu, 8 Jul 2010 23:19:54 -0400
Daniel Clark <address@hidden> wrote:

> FYI no code yet, but promises that may help the effort to get OpenEC
> working on Lemote Yeeloong...

Interesting news.

> The exception is because EnE has not released the low-level details on
> the PS/2 interface in the KB3930, so there will be some code that is

Does anyone know what functionality is lost by this code being
proprietary? (if we removed it).

> not available -- relative to the codebase this is a very small amount
> of code.  The GPL licensing exception will allow for linking against
> this closed code.  We're going to investigate ways to move away from
> this code in the future.  (As far as we're aware, this will make the
> XO-1.75 the first laptop with open embedded controller code!)

Sending to a lot of lists with people who might be interested, but for replies I'd suggest signing up for and then replying only to the list, which is very low-volume. Archives at

FYI actual location of the code and some other interesting info. I'll also go update with this location as the location currently mentioned has really old code (2009). 

Perhaps this will also be helpful with OpenEC on Lemote Yeeloong work (FSF donated a few Yeeloongs to people who wanted to work on that a while ago, but as far as I know there has not been a lot of progress there.)

cjb | djbclark: for all your openec needs
cjb | (it's actually the repo we're using to bring up the 1.75 right now)
dilinger | cjb: is this xo-1 EC minus battery code, or written from scratch?
cjb | dilinger: battery code's in there, AIUI
cjb | the patent was on the NiMH battery charging, and we don't use those batteries anymore, only LiFePO4
dilinger | cjb: awesome
dilinger | so is that imported into OFW now, or do you still build the EC separately?
cjb | on 1.75 they're more independent than before
cjb | they don't flash a new EC at the same time as flashing a new OFW
cjb | so they aren't built together
dilinger | interesting
cjb | OFW also isn't the first thing that runs anymore
cjb | the mmp2 has two cores, security processor and the main CPU (PJ4)
cjb | comes up in cforth on the SP, that loads from SPI into SRAM and releases the PJ4
cjb | the SP keeps running
cjb | which is neat because you can make it watch a GPIO/button
cjb | and if the PJ4 hangs, you hit that button, the SP takes over the serial port again, and it has full access to RAM and peripheral state for debugging
cjb | so there's an always-available method for getting dmesg after a crash
dilinger | SP continues running OFW the entire time?
dilinger | is it drawing full power, or is it some kind of low power mode (similar to the low power EC mode)?
cjb | (cforth, not OFW)
cjb | yeah, I think it's drawing power 
cjb | we'll have to work out how that's supposed to work later

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        /|\      Free Software respecting hardware 

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