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Re: [gNewSense-users] KFV Flow

From: Sam Geeraerts
Subject: Re: [gNewSense-users] KFV Flow
Date: Thu, 10 Apr 2008 20:22:27 +0200
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Luis Alberto wrote:
Very nice!

Some comments:
- I thought we established that GNU GPL without a version equals GNU GPLv2
- I'm not sure what a 2-level search is and why the number of levels
should be 2
- Why report cases of patents and reverse engineering? I thought gNewSense
didn't care about patents and I believe there's nothing wrong with reverse

About the comments;
- I didn't know that it was established that GNU GPL without a version
equals to GNU GPLv2 but i think is better if we confirm that is GNU GPLv2
from the copyright holder. If you check closer when there is no one to ask
to confirm, it goes to the global kernel license, GNU GPLv2.
I think is the correct way to proceed, maybe not the faster.

See this thread:

Contacting the copyright holder would be the friendly thing to do. But we have to assume that he understands the full implications of the license that he applies to the code, even if it is applied rather informally. What would you do if he says "oh wait, I actually meant the CDDL"? Technically the GPL would still apply because it cannot be revoked, but in order to not piss off the copyright holder you would remove it.

I think in the (unlikely) event that a developer would change his mind it's his own responsibility to (try to) correct the situation and he doesn't need gNewSense holding his hand for that.

The only thing that I think this would accomplish is that the developer might be more explicit about licensing for his future software development (which is good, but not necessary).

- Sorry i should explain this, the 2-level search is when we don't have the
information at hand, and we have to search for it.

We start in point "A" that tell us to follow "B" and that to "C".
 A --> B ---> C
 from A --> C, is what i call a 2-level search.
License or copyright holder mail search. Maybe is a long search, but it
stablishes that we did the necesary effort get the clearest licence of the

Ah, I get it. It's like: follow references to license of copyright holder until you find one.

- I did read something about gnewsense refusing software patents, maybe i
should check closer,  reverse engineering is fine, even though some
manufactures takes that as illegal. So i thought is better to confirm with
the list, and avoid personal assumptions.

For patents: see thread above. It's still a bit misty, but it looks like ignoring them is the thing to do.

Same goes for reverse engineering, I guess. gNewSense is innocent until proven guilty.

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