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Re: [gNewSense-users] MP3s xmms2 -uhh?

From: Bruno Miguel
Subject: Re: [gNewSense-users] MP3s xmms2 -uhh?
Date: Wed, 10 Sep 2008 23:02:56 +0100

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Em 10-09-2008 22:58:02 David Carpenter escreveu:
> Hi I really hope this is not a stupid question...
> Why CAN I play mp3's in my gNewSense?
> I thought this was not possible. 
> When I got my gNewSense I wanted to install xmms, but not seeing it 
> in
> the repository I went for xmms2 with 'esperanza' via Synaptic a while
> ago - I guess esperanza would have required xmms2 at the time, but I
> forget. Today I accidentally asked it to play an old mp3 file that 
> was
> lying around and it did it!
> I see that there is a 
> xmms2-plugin-mad
> that is installed. This is a 'libmad based mp3 decoder'
> I'm pretty sure I didn't expressly include it - although I may have
> done.
> Should this be happening? Sorry, this isn't an offer to help, but I
> just
> don't know where to start investigating this.

There are free implementations of the mp3 audio format. But, in some 
contries, there is the possibility of having legal problems for using a 
mp3 decoder - like the US, for example.
You can always do what I did: install mp32ogg and convert all your 
musics to this free format.
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