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From: Eletronic Rahim
Subject: gnokii
Date: Fri, 13 Sep 2002 15:50:12 +0800


Thanks for all the great job.

Previously, I have been using gnokii-0.3.x, on a Pentium, connecting
5110, dau9p, i succesfully use the smsd, except the phones keep hang

Currently I am using two machines,

1st machine is using redhat 6.2 on 486 machine
installed gnokii 0.4.3
connected with 5110, dau9p
(I understand the slow response)

2nd machine is using redhat 7.2 on Pentium
installed gnokii 0.4.3
connected with 7110, dlr3p

Problems that I need help on.

1. When I run smsd as root with
a./smsd without any option

I am getting 
147: SELECT FROM outbox Command Failed,
Error: ERROR: outbox: Permission Denied

117: INSERT INTO inbox Command Failed,
Error: ERROR: inbox: Permission Denied

b./smsd with the option -u xxx -p xxx -d sms -c localhost

it says something about ~~ is the server running on localhost or tcp/ip
accepting port 5432

2. Also try to use the gnokii,

a./gnokii --setlogo op x.nol 50212


But the operator logo does not appear on the connected phone.

I then check with ./gnokii --getlogo y.nol 50212
it appears but it shows that the opcode is 000 00 (unknown)

b./gnokii --sendlogo op +601922768299 x.nol 50212

it does received but i could not save the logo.


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