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Re: Unicode support

From: Shun-Jee Liu
Subject: Re: Unicode support
Date: Sun, 29 Sep 2002 01:31:44 +0800
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Markus Plail wrote:
Hi Shun-Jee!

* Shun-Jee Liu writes:
Patches applied to 0.4.3.  Two bytes Big5 encoded characters work
mostly (not all characters).  Three bytes UTF8 encoding failed.

Can you send me a text file with three byte characters in it?
Which locale do you use?
Two files attached:
    b5 (big 5 encoded two bytes characters)
    u8 (UTF8 characters)

I have problem to compile CVS code (the Makefile in po subdirectory is
not created, only I will try my best and apply the latest
updates and test again.

Did you (successfully) run
I thought the script is for 0.11 gettext, so I use the commands in INSTALL file.
After change to, the compile works (aclocal is not documented in INSTALL

My test procedure and result:
    export LC_ALL
    cat big5-encoded -file | gnokii --sendsms xxxx
        First byte may be wrong, others okay in my cellular phone

    export LC_ALL
    cat utf8-encoded-file | gnokii --sendsms xxxxx
        blank message in my cellular phone


Shun-Jee Liu

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