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Re: gsm modem iTegno 3000

From: Mohamad Alifikri
Subject: Re: gsm modem iTegno 3000
Date: Tue, 13 Jul 2004 12:57:34 +0700
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I have ever tried with this modem mas Anton, and it work well with model=AT, connection=serial, and software handshake. gnokii --identify can identify the modem right, others command like --getsms could do the job too.
Seems it's not seen any difficulties using this modem with gnokii.

salam kenal

R. Anton Raharja wrote:

anybody ever use iTegno 3000 ?
based on experience.. does it work ok with gnokii?
if it is, can you give me a hint what type and what connection do you use
(something like model = AT and connection = serial)

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