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[Gnu-arch-users] Re: =tagging-method and non-portable filenames

From: Stig Brautaset
Subject: [Gnu-arch-users] Re: =tagging-method and non-portable filenames
Date: Thu, 4 Sep 2003 07:49:38 +0100
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On Sep 03 2003, Joe wrote:
> Hello, List!
> I'm a Mac OS X developer doing revision control with Arch; I love it.  

That's good to hear :)

> I'm running into a problem, however, which is inconveniencing me.  Some 
> changes I make to =tagging-method's regexen for the different file 
> types(Excluded, Precious, Junk, Backup) are effective and tla inventory 
> will give me a proper list by the types given.  However, changes to 
> Unrecognized do nothing, and Source seems ineffective too.  While it 
> may be I'm writing bad regex, my goal is to allow non-portable file 
> names, as a lot of mine are, to be put under version control as 
> sources.  The following line:
> source ^([_=a-zA-Z0-9[:space:][:punct:]].*)$
> is either malformed or ineffective.  Which is it?  

Ineffective, I would guess.

Did you overlook this section in the tagging-defaults output?:

        # Files containing "illegal characters" are characterized as
        # unrecognized. If they are directories, traversal does _not_
        # descend into those directories. Currently, the illegal
        # characters are *, ?, [, ], \, space, and tab. (The set of
        # illegal characters may shrink in future releases.)

IIRC these are hard-coded dependancies and no change you make in the
=tagging-method file will allow the filenames to contain e.g. spaces.
This is not just an arbitrary limitation. There are some issues with
escaping filenames in various places (when calculating changesets and/or
logs I believe) that need to be addressed before spaces can be allowed
in filenames. 

> This is equally not-working in larch and tla.  Any suggestions?

If you reall need it, maybe add support for spaces in filenames yourself
(I'm sure patches are welcome...). Otherwise, the only suggestion I
have, which you might not like at all, is to consider mass-renaming your
files. :)


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