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[Gnu-arch-users] newbie questions about tagging

From: Carlos Pereira
Subject: [Gnu-arch-users] newbie questions about tagging
Date: Tue, 11 Nov 2003 21:34:35 +0000 (WET)

>Inventory Tags -- There's More Than One Way to Do It
>In this chapter, you've learned about the basic commands add , move , and 
>delete .
>The use of those tools for managing inventory tags was chosen as the default 
>behavior because, superficially at least, it resembles similar commands in 
>systems such as CVS which many users are already familiar with.
>There are other ways to manage inventory tags. Sometimes the other ways are 
>more convenient. A later chapter discusses these other techniques (see: xref : 
>!!! ).

I am a GNU-arch (and CVS) newbie, I really want to learn and use
it to control my .[ch] (and .tex and .xml) files. I compiled it 
and ran the first part of the example situations described in 
the online manual, it looks really cool, many, many thanks, Tom.

1) My current doubts are about tagging: the manual (above) 
seems to describe the explicit method, but says almost 
nothing about the other methods, namely the tagline method. 
Is there some URL that I missed?

2) I have about 300 files in my (GPL) app, shall I use the --names
method just to start learning, importing and preparing my first 
repositories, or do I have to add tags to all these files before
having even a glimpse of how Arch works?

3) How wise is it to start with a given tagging method and then
later change everything to, say, the recommended tagline method?
(I suppose it is not possible/recommended to have different files
tagged with different methods)?

4) Is there some URL comparing the advantages and disadvantages
of tagline and explicit methods?

5) In the tagline method I suppose I have to add a tag to each file,
typically at the beginning. Could someone post some examples of good 
taggingsystems, showing the exact line to insert in the source files?

6) How can I tag directories in the tagline method?
(Reading the mailling list archives, it seems that
tags must be added explicitly?)

7) I understand that using tags to describe files
is a good thing, for example to track down a file moved 
to a different directory or renamed. But what happens if
later I come to the conclusion that I should improve the 
way I tag my files... which means changing all the tags...
Arch can still compare the new files with the old ones?
or do I have to start a new archive/tree from scratch
and forget the old repositories?

Finally a suggestion, it would be nice to have a single
.ps file of the manual, say, by converting the .html files 
of the manual online to latex and building a postscript file
from there,

Many thanks (and my apologies if some of these questions 
are silly or have been already answered somewhere)

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