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[Gnu-arch-users] ANNOUNCEMENT -- tla-1.1pre9

From: Tom Lord
Subject: [Gnu-arch-users] ANNOUNCEMENT -- tla-1.1pre9
Date: Tue, 25 Nov 2003 17:09:28 -0800 (PST)

Announcing tla-1.1pre9.

Eventually this 1.1pre9 will show up on but, in the 
meantime, use these mirrors:

changes summary:

        Support for per-directory naming conventions
        from Robin Farine.

        Support for multi-line regexp naming conventions
        from Colin Walters (aka "Colin Walter_s_, with an s!
        not `Walter', you flake" :-)

        precommit hook (eric?)

        untagged-source now defaults to precious, not
        unrecognized.   (thanks walter_s_).

        better "sparse library support" (paulinux)

        memory leak fix (Nuno Ferreira)

        misc. sftp fixes (Scott Parish)

        tla mv improvement (address@hidden)

        tla undo/redo bug-fix (gnubert)

        .swp added to default backup regexp (walter_s_)

        undo can accept a patch level name (walter_s_)

        star-merge can default arguments sanely (walter_s_)

        $http_proxy fix (Erik de Castro Lopo)

        review of and occaisonal corrections to the above (me :-)

I updated the docs for the per-directory naming conventions and
multi-line regexps.

Special thanks to Robert Collins who stepped up to integrate all these
changes so that I could review them easily, leaving me just to tweak a
bit with plenty of time left over to start getting Pika Scheme off the

The plan for 1.1pre10 (which might or might not be called 1.1) is to:

        ~ integrate the hardlink hacks

        ~ study and deal with the particular issues people mentioned
          on gnu-arch-users when I asked about the priorities for 1.1


                 HEY: PLEASE HELP MAKE tla-1.1 HAPPEN

        Yes, I'm financially as screwed as ever.  Slightly worse these
        weeks because "the bills I can postpone" have sat long enough
        to become "the bills I have to deal with".

        Generous support from the user community has kept arch going
        for quite a while now -- but as always I'm just scraping by by
        the skin of my teeth.

        People send money, I spend almost all of that on food.  A
        little bit on utilitites when I can.   Things are pretty
        desparate for the next month or so.

        So:  please, if you can, please consider contributing:


        and see also:



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