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Re: [Gnu-arch-users] crypto signing take 2

From: David Brown
Subject: Re: [Gnu-arch-users] crypto signing take 2
Date: Mon, 8 Dec 2003 14:47:39 -0800
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On Mon, Dec 08, 2003 at 02:11:46PM -0800, Tom Lord wrote:

>     You really don't appreciate how incredibly _bad_ the portability
>     and excessive interdependencies of free software has become until
>     you're installing it on something other than the very small number
>     of platforms that most people use.

I've seen it very bad on proprietary software, and it isn't too
surprising to me that it is happening to free software.  I think it
primarily results from lazyness: "Gee, it works for me."

Even on "standard" free platforms, I notice it.  When I go to install
some particular package, I really have to wonder why it has to install
so many other packages.

What is even scarier, to me, is that many people think this
interdependency is actually a good thing.


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