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Re: [Gnu-arch-users] Re: possible bug with version number sorting

From: Mirian Crzig Lennox
Subject: Re: [Gnu-arch-users] Re: possible bug with version number sorting
Date: Thu, 11 Dec 2003 14:44:12 -0500
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address@hidden (Tom Lord) writes:
> Hehe.  No, it sounds like a bug somewhere but I haven't followed this
> particular thread closely.    Can you please send a brief recipe to
> display the bug?


        tla archive-setup foo--main--0
        mkdir foo
        tla init-tree -d foo foo--main--0
        tla import -d foo

        tla archive-setup foo--test1--0.1.0 foo--test1--0.1.1
        tla tag foo--main--0--base-0 foo--test1--0.1.0
        tla tag foo--test1--0.1.0--base-0 foo--test1--0.1.1
        tla get foo--test1

(Notice that this creates foo--test1--0.1.1--base-0 as expected.)

        tla archive-setup foo--test2--0.1 foo--test2--0.1.1
        tla tag foo--main--0--base-0 foo--test2--0.1
        tla tag foo--test2--0.1--base-0 foo--test2--0.1.1
        tla get foo--test2

This creates foo--test2--0.1--base-0, where one might reasonably have
expected foo--test2--0.1.1--base-0 instead.


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