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[Gnu-arch-users] trying out todays debian build

From: Johannes Berg
Subject: [Gnu-arch-users] trying out todays debian build
Date: Wed, 17 Dec 2003 02:38:57 +0100


Just noticed a couple of inconsistencies:

1) tla changes --keep creates a directory named ",,what-changed[...]"
   since what-changed was renamed to changes, shouldn't the output be
   renamed as well?

2) I always get 
* looking for address@hidden/MetaNet--main--1.0--patch-5 to compare with
* comparing to address@hidden/MetaNet--main--1.0--patch-5

when I do "tla changes", which I think is too long. Any chance of
shortening this, or adding a flag to suppress this output? I don't much
care what its being compared with (I assume latest known revision),
unless I specify a special revision and in that case I already know it.

Maybe that could be removed completely?

3) I wish for a "tla diff" command that can show diffs of single files.
I actually implemented this via changes --output=... and then going
through that, with something similar to Mark Thomas' macro framework
(implemented in a simple tla wrapper instead of a real modification).

4) wishlist item for an existing gui maybe ;-)
I frequently find, that while I'm editing something, I need to do a
trivial bugfix/change in another file that is unrelated to the issue at
hand, and should go in as a separate changeset, before the current one.
However, sometimes these unrelated changes are in multiple files. I'd
like to see a GUI tool that displays all the changed files and allows me
to group them by logical changes, specify log messages for each
change-group, and commit them in an order I specify. So say I edit files
A,B,C,D,E and the changes in {A,B,C} are unrelated to changes in {D,E},
then I want to have a GUI to review the changes, group them, and commit
the changes in {D,E} as a first patchset, and the rest in a second
Maybe this is actually a stupid thing to do though, should I have
another tree and do the trivial changes there?

5) tla commit -- file
   doesn't work if "file" is a new file

6) tla commit creates a log file if none exists, and if you don't change
it, then it exits saying:
arch_make_edit_log: log file is unmodified, aborting

Thats great, however, it should delete the file right after, because
otherwise a subsequent commit will use the empty log.

Thats all for now -- its late ;-)

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