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Re: [Gnu-arch-users] sftp rename?

From: Thomas Zander
Subject: Re: [Gnu-arch-users] sftp rename?
Date: Thu, 25 Dec 2003 20:43:32 +0100
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On Thursday 25 December 2003 18:35, James Blackwell wrote:
> >> Thats not even counting the number of servers that don't
> >> have either installed.
> >
> > Which part of 'desktop' was unclear?
> > Its about name recognition; I doubt graphics software on the server has
> > anything to do with that.
> The part in which out of the six machines I have with arch, only one of
> has X on it.

This time you missed the 'its about name recognition' part.

> I don't think we're on the same wavelength. I'm certainly against
> renaming sftp:// to fish://

Why ?
the only reason I have heard you put forward is because you feel sftp is known 
to ssh people.  Isn't an alias for that good enough?  Why should it be the 
first name?

> , I'm not necessarily against silently accepting 
> fish:// as sftp://.

That would work; as long as tla will be listing fish as one of the supported 
protocols.  This way people will not automatically come to the conclusion 
they can't use tla for remote management since their ISP will not support it 
even though they use ssh daily.

Its an win-win situation, I really don't see what your problem is!
- -- 
Thomas Zander
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