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Re: [Gnu-arch-users] Tla & Proftpd

From: Mark A. Flacy
Subject: Re: [Gnu-arch-users] Tla & Proftpd
Date: 28 Dec 2003 23:50:43 -0600
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>>>>> "Carl" == Carl Humphrey <address@hidden> writes:
Carl> Hi ,
Carl> Sorry to bother you all again.
Carl> Does anyone have a solution for the following
Carl> ftp_client_directory_files: error listing file 
Carl>     450: 450 No files found
Carl> It seems to be caused by Proftpd returning a 450 when a directory is
Carl> empty , and Tla thinking that is an error ( which is probably correct
Carl> )
Carl> I did a google search and people seem to be adjusting their software
Carl> to work with Proftpd's 450 error message.
Carl> Is anyone here using Tla with Proftpd with any success?

I am, but I've been using it only via "tla archive-mirror".  I've had to
manually create directories on the remote machine down to the base-0
version when adding new branch to the repository.  After that, it appears
to work correctly.  At least until you add another new branch.

You should also add this line to your /etc/proftpd.conf file:

ListOptions "-Aa"

 Mark A. Flacy
 Any opinions expressed above are my own.  Any facts expressed above
 that you could detect means my weasel wording needs work.

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