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[Gnu-arch-users] Single command to get source

From: Jeffrey Yasskin
Subject: [Gnu-arch-users] Single command to get source
Date: Tue, 27 Jan 2004 23:26:26 -0600
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This suggestion is also in the wiki under "Discuss Arch features". It
may be already implemented in the undocumented `tla grab`. If it is,
please document it (in the wiki's "Tla Reference/grab"?).

I don't have time to implement this, so I don't expect to see it for a
while. It would just be nice to know it's on a TODO list somewhere.

- ---

Right now, to get the source code for a project (i.e.
address@hidden/project--main--1.0 stored in, someone has to issue two commands:

$ tla register-archive
$ tla get address@hidden/project--main--1.0

I'd like to make it possible to issue only one command for the same thing:

$ tla get

The basic reason to use the fragment identifier is that it should be
easy to parse into archive-URI and version, and logically, a version is
a fragment of an archive. From a project tree, the URI can be created
with the "short" script:
echo $(tla whereis-archive $(tla parse-package-name -a $(tla
tree-version)))#$(tla parse-package-name --package-version $(tla

If the project is based on a config, the problem is even more pronounced:

$ tla register-archive{archives}/address@hidden
$ tla get address@hidden/dists--devo tla-1.1
$ cd tla-1.1
$ tla build-config configs/

Perhaps instead:

$ tla get{archives}/address@hidden/configs/

I'm less sure that this suggestion doesn't have some obvious flaws. It
should still be easy to parse though.

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