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[Gnu-arch-users] Re: multiple archives or multiple project branches?

From: Eric S. Johansson
Subject: [Gnu-arch-users] Re: multiple archives or multiple project branches?
Date: Wed, 07 Apr 2004 16:04:32 -0400
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Charles Duffy wrote:

My advice:

Use the same archive for related projects.

For instance, at work, I wear multiple hats: IT, deployment, and DB
support scripting. Different people need access to each of those, and
the deployment people don't care about IT projects. Consequently, I want
to keep my IT projects in one archive, my deployment projects in
another, etc. However, for distinguishing between multiple IT projects,
I just put them in different categories.

that's what I figured I want to make sure I wasn't marking up the wrong tree. Now I just have to get familiar enough with the arch command set so I can easily switch between archives. Actually, what I need to do is write a grammar for NaturallySpeaking to let me switch between archives without breaking my hands any further. It's going to be especially tricky what I start querying for data (i.e. what archives are out there) and then feeding that information back into the grammar. Oh yeah, speech recognition interfaces does create some apparently weird patterns.

the next hurdle to cross was the thing that stopped me the last time we talked. And that is dealing with CVS on source forge. Anybody live close enough that we could just buy enough beers to convince them to switch over? Failing that, I will probably have to figure out how to use one of the two cvs integration tools keep things in bidirectional synchronization. On the other hand, I could always strip all developers of check-in power and tell them where to get things by arch and only occasionally push things up. bound to be very popular. ;-)

well thanks for help. Now I have just added arch and webdav to my things to learn more about real soon know. On the plus side, camram is live and helping folks with spam, was written up in a bunch of places and I had an article published on technology review web site. Now I'm following in Tom's footsteps and trying to make money from something that has been a passion/obsession.

after all, if it was a boring life, it wasn't much of a life.


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