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[Gnu-arch-users] [ANNOUNCE] dtla 0.9 - Dual tla

From: Robin Green
Subject: [Gnu-arch-users] [ANNOUNCE] dtla 0.9 - Dual tla
Date: Fri, 9 Apr 2004 23:44:57 +0100
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Announcing dtla 0.9.

dtla - Dual tla - is a little utility which implements commit-on-save for arch.
Well, kind of. It uses a heuristic interval of (by default) 2 seconds
- when this, plus the time to copy the changed files, has elapsed with no
further changes, the changeset is taken to be complete.

Why would you want that? Won't it clog up your archive with pointless
little changes? Well, the idea is that it's not pointless for you, because
you can see what you mistakenly deleted or rewrote 20 minutes ago, for
example. But it probably will be pointless for everyone else, so commit-on-save
changes are only stored in a private archive. (You can mirror that publicly if
you really want to, dtla won't stop you, but it's not part of the design.) Then
at logical points (like when your code compiles and passes all the tests,
or when you've fixed a bug) you can commit the changes in one changeset
to the primary archive.

This isn't exactly rocket science. Committing to the main archive is just a
"tla commit" as normal, and the private archive is kept in sync whenever
you make changes using libfam - the file alteration monitor.

More explanations at the homepage.

This is a proof-of-concept hack which I intend to rewrite to be a bit
cleaner and faster. But it'd be great if people could try it out and stress it
with some real archives. Questions, comments, welcome.


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