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[Gnu-arch-users] svn-arch-mirror - track svn trunks/branches with all hi

From: Eric Wong
Subject: [Gnu-arch-users] svn-arch-mirror - track svn trunks/branches with all history
Date: Sun, 12 Sep 2004 02:09:08 -0700
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Category: svn-arch-mirror
Archive: address@hidden

This makes it possible to convert a Subversion repository into an Arch
one.  It tracks when tags and branches were made, but not when they were
merged back (since Subversion doesn't track them, either).  Keep in mind
that this is read-only to the svn repo since svn would lose info for
branches if it tracked Arch.

Overall, I think it's pretty cool that Arch is able to replicate an SVN
repo with history intact, but the opposite isn't true if branch and
branch merging are involved.

I also use some tricks like altering my-id to match the original SVN
committer + path, and datefudge which runs tla with an altered system
time so abrowse/logs -sDc  can show the same information `svn log' does,
without resorting to extra headers.

I've made the common case fairly simple to use:

To start tracking a new repo:

        svn co <URL> directory
        cd directory
        svn-arch-mirror init <category>--<branch>--<version>

Then, to keep it up-to-date (you could make this a cronjob):
        svn-arch-mirror sync

That's it!

Here's the Subversion repository I mirrored, complete with branches/tags:
Original Subversion URL:
Archive: address@hidden

I wrote the script mainly to track the above project, and to make my own
experimental development branches easier to manage.  This also makes it
easier for developers that don't have svn access to tag and develop
against their own branch without requiring svn admin access to create
branches.  This also makes it easier for me to convince Warren (the
founder/leader of the project) to migrate over to Arch :)

Eric Wong

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