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[Gnu-arch-users] [BUG] mini patch for pfs-dav.c and libneon GNU TLS work

From: Matthew Dempsky
Subject: [Gnu-arch-users] [BUG] mini patch for pfs-dav.c and libneon GNU TLS work
Date: Sat, 25 Sep 2004 23:52:58 -0500
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(I might not be the one to merge your patch, but I thought I'd offer
some commentary.)

Aleix Conchillo Flaque <address@hidden> writes:

> I'm attaching a mini patch (for pfs-dav.c) that sets dav_port
> correctly depending on dav_scheme. It was set to 80 by default and
> only changed if a port was given in the URI, which is not the case in
> https (well, it could be...).

Thanks for the fix.  Your explanation seemed a little awkward, but a
bit of googling clarified it.  (For some strange reason I thought
https defaulted to 8080 not 443, *shrug*.)

> I hope this is the right place to send this patch, if not, my apologises.

It is.  In the future you can prepend your message topic with [BUG] if
you're just reporting a bug or [MERGE REQUEST] if you have an arch
revision somewhere with the patch.

I presume sending a [BUG] message is the simplest way to submit a
patch ([MERGE REQUEST] right now only handles arch revisions AFAIK).

Maybe in the future Bug Goo might have some magic to try automatically
turning mailed in patches into revisions in an archive somewhere.

> -  answer->dav_port = 80;
> +  if (!str_cmp(answer->dav_scheme, "http"))
> +      answer->dav_port = 80;
> +  else
> +      answer->dav_port = 443;

It's not consistantly applied through out the source code, but arch
uses the GNU coding style which means a space before all opening
parentheses.  We're inconsistant enough that we don't need to be any

Don't get me wrong, I'm not attacking you about this because it's not
a big deal for an O(10) LOC patch (and I'm sure whoever merges it can
trivially fix it), just letting you know for any future patches you

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