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Re: [Gnu-arch-users] Bazaar 1.0.1 release

From: John A Meinel
Subject: Re: [Gnu-arch-users] Bazaar 1.0.1 release
Date: Wed, 01 Dec 2004 10:59:50 -0600
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Robert Collins wrote:
Bazaar 1.0.1 has been released.

The release includes:
* Better support for remote archives without a .archive-version
* abrowse bugfix for baz format archives.

Where to get Bazaar ?
The Bazaar homepage at lists binary and
source locations for bazaar.

Archives without .archive-version:
Bazaar's 1.0 archive detection code did not correctly handle remote
archives which do not have
a /.archive-version file, or appear not to have it due to an
incomplete /.listing file. This
release corrects this by degrading to hackerlab format 1 logic

Abrowse and Bazaar format archives:
Bazaar 1.0 would incorrectly repeat branches and versions due to a bug
in the parsing code.
This should only have cosmetic impact, but users are encouraged to


How does someone build a specific release of bazaar? I did a
tla get dists--bazaar--0
And then built the bazaar-devo.cfg, but it built the 1.1 version. I looked at the logs, and switched to
tla get dists--bazaar--0--patch-1
Since that still has bazaar-devo.cfg as using bazaar--devo--1.0

But when I went to build it, I got some complaint about libneon and xml, I don't really remember, it was yesterday.

I wanted to get the 1.0.1 version of bazaar, but as far as I can tell, you don't keep old configurations around. I would like to see a bazaar-rel-1.0.1.cfg. And keep one around for every released version. You can even keep them in a sub-directory like releases if you feel it makes things ugly to keep them around.


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