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[Gnu-arch-users] Creating a Project Tree for an Archive on a Remote Mach

From: Daniel Hedge
Subject: [Gnu-arch-users] Creating a Project Tree for an Archive on a Remote Machine
Date: Mon, 28 Feb 2005 12:33:55 -0800


I am investigating using arch to manage configuration files across the
network of the organization i work for. Right now we are using
subversion and the way we have it set up is the  root directory on the
servers of our network are essentially the working directory of a
centralized archive on a remote dedicated server. I have setup two
isolated test machines running Solaris (our main operating system) 
and am trying to setup a project tree on one machine (a test server)
and setting it as a part of an archive that exists on teh second
machine (the dedicated repo). They are communicating through sftp. Now
one of the reasons i have been assigned this research project is that
i am essentiall entirely unfamiliar with revision control systems. I
expect that i am making fundamental errors  but thus far i have gotten
this to work to the point where i can run atla Import  and i get back
a revision lock error. I would be grateful for any advice or help you
can give. Even a link to a good resource or article would be greatly

here are the comands i have used thus far:
For the Test0(archive):
tla my-id "Admin <address@hidden>"
tla make-archive -l address@hidden /mnt/admin
tla my-default-archive address@hidden
tla archive-setup address@hidden/test--etc--0
Just a basic normal Archive with listing enabled

For the Test1(server):
tla my-id "Admin <address@hidden>"
tla register-archive sftp://address@hidden/mnt/admin
tla my-default-archive address@hidden
tla init-tree address@hidden/test--etc--0
tla import
revision lock error

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