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RE: [Gnu-arch-users] Binary files in archives

From: Попков Александр
Subject: RE: [Gnu-arch-users] Binary files in archives
Date: Tue, 5 Apr 2005 09:46:19 +0400

John Arbash Meinel wrote:

>>But in schema:
>>One project <=> some developers
>>Binary files would cause conflicts every time?!
>>Which workaround you may advice to me?
>>Thanks in advance!

>Unfortunately that is the problem with binary formats. You cannot
>extract the changes from the file.

>I can think of a couple possibilities.

>Save the files as .rtf files. These are formatted text, which should
>mean that diff can extract changes. However, as the format might be
>involved, I don't know if a fuzzy patch will work without breaking the >file.

>My real recommendation is to use something better than .doc files. Such
>as reStructuredText.
>Also, if they did their commits with appropriate summaries, you can use
>a Changelog instead. "tla logs -s" should provide a good start, but tla
>also supports automatically maintaining a changelog file. You just need
>the tag to start with "automatic-Changelog"

Doc file I give for example, really we have *.[doc|xls|vsd|rar|zip] for
well documented project... May be doc and xls we can change to other 
(text-based) format, but what about Visio?


WBR, Alexander Popkov.

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