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[Gnu-arch-users] awiki extensions

From: Ulrich Pfeifer
Subject: [Gnu-arch-users] awiki extensions
Date: Fri, 08 Apr 2005 16:46:12 +0200
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I tried to use the awiki stuff for some small project and found I
needed more than it does provide currently.  By a lot of copy and
past, I added support for inline images and raw HTML for everything I
might missing.  For easier review, I used to different branches for
the two extensions:

    tla register-archive address@hidden '{archives}/2005'
    tla get address@hidden/awiki--img--1.0
    tla get address@hidden/awiki--escape--1.0

I am willing to update the docs, if the patches can be considered for
the mainline ;-)

Ulrich Pfeifer

      Adding an "img" directive to the styled-text

    As an IMG element is quite similar to an A element, I deep copied the
    relevant code.  I tried to avoid copying functions, but it did not work
    out, as I for example was not able to invert the awiki_find_type()
    function.  An IMG element pretty much looks like an link element.  It is
    distinguished from it by an exclamation mark immediately following the
    opening "<".  So this 
       <!"Kaiserbahnhof 1" images/640x480/kaiserbahnhof1.jpg>
    is turned into this:
       <img src="images/640x480/kaiserbahnhof1.jpg" alt="Kaiserbahnhof 1"</img>
       <img src="images/640x480/kaiserbahnhof2.jpg" 
    I am open to suggestions about alternate methods for distinguishing links
    from image elements.

    modified files:
     libawiki-nodes/styled-text-html.h libawiki-nodes/styled-text.c
     libawiki-nodes/styled-text.h libawiki/html.c

      Adding a "html" section for unparsed and unquoted sections

    The added section is just the unparsed section stripped of the HTML
    quoting.  This section may be used as a last resort if desired effects
    cannot be achieved with proper awiki methods.
    As I do not grok the awiki internals, I was only able to brute force copy
    the "unparsed" stuff and butcher the HTML generator.
    So this
    turns into this:

    I am not sure how "inlining" a raw HTML snippet should look like.

    new files:
     libawiki-nodes/html-html.c libawiki-nodes/html-html.h
     libawiki-nodes/html.c libawiki-nodes/html.h

    modified files:

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