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Re: [Gnu-arch-users] arch/tla on cygwin (again)

From: John A Meinel
Subject: Re: [Gnu-arch-users] arch/tla on cygwin (again)
Date: Tue, 12 Apr 2005 22:27:55 -0500
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Bob Tanner wrote:

On Tuesday 12 April 2005 01:15 am, John A Meinel wrote:
cd ..
tla get $A/patch--pcomp patch
cd patch
./configure && make && make install

Think there is something wrong with this archive Makefile.

$ make install
/bin/sh ./mkinstalldirs /usr/bin /usr/man/man1
/usr/bin/install -c patch.exe /usr/bin/`echo patch | sed 's,x,x,'`.exe
/usr/bin/install -c -m 644 ./ /usr/man/man1/`echo patch | sed 's,x,x,'`.1

It's not named pcpatch.exe, I believe changing patch_name = `echo pcpatch | sed '$(transform)'`

Fixes the problem.
Actually, I've updated that. You actually want to use
./configure --program-transform-name=s,^,pc-,

If you re-update your main directory I updated the config so that it now gets the external packages. And in the external directory is a makefile which will configure, build tar/diff/diff3/patch, and then "make install" them into /usr/local/bin
It also comes with a little bit of a README.

Please update and see what you find.
I just got all of the regression tests to pass. (Except for 1 but it is a known bug in cygwin. It is possible to rename a symlink to the same name as an existing file, and then you see 2 files in the filesystem with the same name. It happens because secretly all symlinks are .lnk files, but windows always hides that extension.)

Just to clip from the readme, the new steps should be:

export A="address@hidden"
tla get $A/dists--pcomp tla-pcomp
cd tla-pcomp
tla build-config config
cd external
make install

cd ../src/
mkdir =build
cd =build
../configure --with-enable-pathcompress=1 \
 --with-gnu-tar=pc-tar \
 --with-gnu-diff=pc-diff \
 --with-gnu-diff3=pc-diff3 \
# make test # Test to see if all regression tests pass.
make install

I don't think I can make it more streamlined than that. (Though I'm thinking about putting the tla configure and make step into my wrapper Makefile, then it is just one make && make install).

Be forewarned, make on the external directory takes about 10min on my reasonably fast machine (dual 2.4GHz P4), as does make for tla, the tests take even longer to run.

The reason I developed my own branch is because this one is a little slow. (For every filesystem lookup you have to munge the path). But it works and is reliable. My older version can get stuck if you have long names in category/branch or archive. (Some of my working archives have both).


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